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At AEX System, we are committed to being more than just a manufacturer and supplier of equipment. We are striving to continually introduce new and innovative technology into the way we communicate. Here is briefly what we do.

Network PA System

VECTUS Network PA System enables audio to be dynamically routed under software control to any network point, providing unparalleled routing flexibility, all over standard Ethernet.

Public Address System

AEX System designs and manufactures an impressive range of innovative Public Address System equipment. Our designs place strong emphasis on one fundamental principal; SAVING HUMAN LIFE with total reliability.

Business Audio Solution

Our Network Solution and Services Division was establishes with a clear objective of creating products and systems to enhance the competitive advantage of any given business operations.

Total System Integration

Key to the Augmented Communications System (ACS) is a flexible platform on which all the various systems can leverage on. The platform created by AEX Network Solutions is fully TCP/IP based capable of utilizing typical LAN or WAN infrastructure. 

Consulting Services

In the public address system industry, AEX System believes in providing professional services beyond providing equipment. Past experience have proven that its early involvement in the project design had resulted in PA System that is more cost effective.

System Engineering & Design Services

AEX System's years of research and development in communication products as well as network communication has allowed it to nature a vast amount of intellectual properties.


AZAN BOX - Cloud-Based Prayer Notification Box

In the Muslim society, the AZAN call is important to let the devotees know it is their prayer time. The call to AZAN (prayer) occurs five times a day, and it is imperative that the timing is right. The Nebulax Series Azan Box system is a cloud-based Azan call solution. The Nebulax Series cloud base solution ensures 100% accuracy, unlike wall clocks whose timing can drift over time. With real-time updates and accuracy on your time zone no matter where you are.

The Revolutionary School Network Audio Solution – With Vectus School Management Software

AEX System School Network Audio Solutions’ range of products all feature our unique App Paging feature, Audio Noticeboard, Virtual Zone Grouping, Integrated Bell, and Paging on the move. Use this to manage your teachers, students, and staff, get quick responses, and communicate more efficiently. Watch the video and find out more!

Our Clients/Projects

AEX System is proud to serve as Audio and Business solution to companies in many industries across the world.
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