CREATING A Post-Covid Era School System

Suitable Application for;

  1. Kindergartens
  2. Primary School
  3. Secondary School
  4. Fully Residential School
  5. Private School
  6. International School
  7. Vocational School
  8. College
  9. University


Vectus School Audio Management Software

Our Vectus School Audio Management Software is a revolutionary school network audio solution. The software is a versatile application that suits any schools and educational institutions. Due to the flexibility, it is a future-proof solution and has up-to-date features.

Vectus School Audio Management Software


Staggered Bell System

The Covid-19 virus has affected the norm of many industries, including the education industry. Crowd congestion is the main reason the virus spreads quickly with devastating effect. A lot of effort was put into crowd control and minimizing people congregating to curb the spread during the peak of the pandemic. Our system was developed to reduce crowd congestion by staggering the recess time and end of class time. This helps minimize the crowds of students and traffic when parents and buses pick up the students.

Staggered Bell System Figure


Crisis Management

Crisis Management 1: Fire

AEX System’s Smart School Solutions is also an effective life saving tool in times of crisis. The system can be used to disseminate instructions quickly and effectively. It is fully integratable with other systems such as Fire alarms, intrusion alarms, storm alerts, etc. In the event of fire, together with the Fire Alarm System the school will be able to conduct an early evacuation for the students even before the arrival of the Firemen.


Crisis Management

Crisis Management 2: Disease Outbreak

In the event a student is found to be tested positive or suspected to be having Covid or any other easily transmutable disease. The system can be used to inform the students and teachers of the school on the course of action to take.

Crisis Management 2 Figure


Audio Noticeboard

Most of the time, the visual traditional notice boards in the school are ignored by the students. Even with important notifications, students may miss it. However, the Audio Noticeboard feature of the Vectus School Audio Management System, the right message will be relayed to the relevant students in their classes.

This is especially crucial for the Post-Covid school operations, where students need to be reminded to keep their personal hygiene, putting their masks on while in-door, keeping a physical distancing, etc.

Audio Noticeboard Figure


Integrated Bell

Signal the end of period class by class. Allows classes to have a bit more flexibility in scheduling (not necessarily to ring all classrooms simultaneously). Do away with traditional bell ringing throughout the whole school, and it comes with the pre-bell chime to alert the teacher the session is about to end and to start wrapping things up.

The benefit of this is different age group of students will need different lengths of lessons depending on the subject and learning capacity.


Centralize Paging

It is essential to make centralized paging to all classrooms or selective classrooms from time to time. Besides disseminating important messages to all students from the headmaster room or school administrator, it is crucial to continuously making reminders to all students to observe personal hygiene, keeping face mask on while in-door, keeping physical distancing, etc. especially during the Post-Covid school operation.

Centralize Paging Figure


Virtual Zone Grouping

Create groups of zones to suit each school’s education architecture, such as labs, art classes, etc. Interact and communicate directly to relevant students/teachers. It makes classes grouping and reassignment easy and effortless.

Virtual Zone Grouping


Paging On The Move

This revolutionary feature allows Wireless Live announcements to the school and classrooms from anywhere. By utilizing the Vectus School App on your phone, you can get an immediate response and react quickly to any situation.

Paging On The Move


Synchronized Azan Calls

The features are integrated through our Nebulax Series Azan Box. It’s a cloud-based Azan call solution. Nebulax Series cloud base solution ensures 100% accuracy, unlike wall clocks whose timing can drift over time. With real-time updates and accuracy on your time zone no matter where you are.

Synchronized Azan Calls


Cost of Implementing

In most conventional system implementation, the main bulk of the cost is in the home run cabling back to the central equipment room. For existing schools the cost of implementation via conventional means is even higher and not economically viable. Make use of existing LAN infrastructure – results in immense cabling cost savings.

Cost of Implementing


Typical Mixer Amplifier

Traditionally, classrooms/lecture rooms utilize mixer amplifiers as teaching aids. Most mixer amplifiers used are standalone, and there is no link or integration between them. The connectivity is restrictive, and the mixer amplifiers are used only for class lectures.

Typical Mixer Amplifier Point


Typical Mixer Amplifier figure 2


LAN Infrastructure

With a LAN Infrastructure, a network device such as our network amplifiers would be able to integrate and connect. Hence, creating an endless and infinite connection between classrooms, labs, and offices. and public areas like canteen, tracks and field, sports arenas, etc.

LAN Infrastructure figure



smart school summary


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