About Us

AEX System was founded as an audio solutions development and manufacturing company. Over the years we have invested heavily in the development of TCP/IP-based network audio solutions as we believe that is where the future of the industry is headed. At AEX System, we do not believe in doing business the same old way and expecting a different result. It is with this mentality that our company has to evolve and grow our 2 key business segments over the years namely the Public Address Systems and Business Audio Solution Systems.

The Public Address system segments focus on life safety and how our system can contribute to the overall convergence of all ELV solutions on a single Network Infrastructure. Whereas our Business Audio Solutions focuses on how high-quality music and audio can be a tool for business operators to improve their revenue.

On both fronts, we implement new technology and new ways of streaming music, audio advertisement, and announcements for staff management or life safety concerns into the multiple areas of the system – disrupting the way the audio is currently being delivered. With a solid background in research and development, state-of-art production and marketing facilities, and an impressive presence in Australia, Singapore, China, and South East Asia, AEX System continue to take the lead in audio communication globally.

Business Diversity

At AEX System, we are committed to being more than just a manufacturer and supplier of equipment. We are striving to continually introduce new and innovative technology into the way we communicate. 

In line with this vision for continual innovation and growth in the communications industry AEX System has strategically streamlined its business into two main divisions, namely the Public Address System division and the Business Audio Solution Systems division.

AEX System consists of its public address division along with the network solutions and services development division.

Green Technology

AEX SYSTEM is dedicated to making it green. We acknowledge our responsibility to the future generations, hence all products designed here are geared towards constructing a green system for buildings, allowing for sustainability and energy saving. Some of the benefits include:

Ensuring sustainability of natural resources - AEX SYSTEM products are designed to be decentralised and flexible in its architectural configuration. This efficient deployment leads to the consumption of less resources such as copper and plastics.

Lowering carbon footprint - With various energy efficient technology deployed within each and every product, the system has a much lower carbon footprint as a result from the reduced electricity consumption.

Utilization of environmentally safe materials & resources - An energy efficient architecture also reduces the use of bulky power components such as transformers. This translates directly into a reduction in the carbon footprint, as well as minimizing the use of harmful chemicals required in its manufacturing process.
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