Projects Highlight

AEX System offers various solutions to numerous industries. The technology and system used range from Digital Public Address System (PA), System Integration, Network Audio Solution, and more. Please check out our Application page to learn more about our features highlighted. The project reference below consists of SOME of the projects. We are ranging from small-scale as retails to mega infrastructure. Download our project reference list at the end of this page to see the complete list.


When it comes to Hotels, background music is our priority. We have a wide-ranging system to accommodate everyone's needs to run a hotel, from the most basic to a high-end one.
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For malls, we don't just provide a basic solution, we offer more features that will accommodate your malls to become 'Super' Mall. Check out our Application page to find out more.
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Office Tower & Commercial Buildings

We offer solutions that will benefit your everyday interaction in the office. Our powerful integration will work best with your security system, fire alarm, and many more.
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For retails, it is all about giving efficiency to control your system. Having able to control your audio solution has never been this easy. If you run a chain retail store, our RAS Cloud Series is for you, period.
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Hospitals are all about having the most basic needs for your audio solutions. Ranging from daily basis announcements (paging), and many more. Making sure the hospital's priority is the patient and we take care of the rest.
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Educational Institution

We strive to make every school 'smart'. It is all about having well function flow for the students, teachers/lecturers, and the back-end staff. Check out our Application page to learn more.
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Airports & Ancillary Services

AEX System makes sure the Airport's solution is not just for the passenger's flow but to be able to provide the ultimate solution for Airlines to integrate with the main Airport hubs with ease.
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Factories & Industrial Buildings

This particular industry is definitely focusing to have the efficiency to control staff workflow. We have robust software features to manage zones and to control the overall system.
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Convention Centers

We have a wide-ranging system to accommodate every typical convention centers needs. From High-Quality music to well functions system that will suit every future event.
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Tourist Attractions & Theme Parks

The solutions consist of indoor and even outdoor. Besides having the basic PA System necessity, it helps to accommodate visitors with music when visiting. As well as the client's magnificent architecture.
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Sport Complexes & Stadiums

From big-scale stadiums to medium-size sports complexes, we have every solution to suit best on the games day. Make sure the audience won't miss a score announcement. And yea we have a wide range of IP-rated speakers.
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Project Reference List

Almost a complete list of our project reference list. Consist of more project references from each industry.
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