AZAN BOX - Cloud Based Prayer Notification Box

In the Muslim society, the AZAN call is important to let the devotees know it is their prayer time. The call to AZAN (prayer) occurs 5 times a day and its imperative that the timing is right.

The current way of playing the AZAN call in most premise.

  1. A staff is assigned the role of timekeeper
  2. He will keep track of the time and when the time comes;
  • He will have to leave his desk
  • Walk down to the control room
  • Operate the PA System panels
  • Trigger a message player to play the AZAN call
  • Stop the message and reset the PA system panel zones after the call
  • Return to his desk

Problem statement with the current method

  1. The staff in charge may not be around that day.
  2. The staff in charge may be busy or distracted with work or meetings and miss the right time
  3. Taking up the staff’s time to perform this task may hinder their office work is not efficient
  4. Inaccurate timing as it depends on the staff’s watch or phone app.

azan box poster

AEX SYSTEM’s Nebulax Series Azan Box is design to eliminate all this;

  1. Nebulax cloud server base and FULLY automated, thus no human intervention needed!
  2. Timing is accurate as the system is synchronized to the world atomic clock.
  3. Prayer times are 100% accurate based on geographical location.

The Nebulax Series Azan Box system is a cloud based Azan call solution. Unlike wall clocks whose timing can drift over time, Nebulax Series cloud base solution ensures 100% accuracy. With real time update and accuracy on your time zone no matter where you are.

AZAN BOX Features:

Azan Box Features


  • Government Offices
  • Public Buildings (JPJ, Libraries etc)
  • Government Hospitals
  • Urban Transformation Center (UTC)
  • Markets

Watch the video here

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