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In Muslim society, the AZAN call plays a vital role in notifying devotees about prayer times. However, the current method of playing the AZAN call on most premises presents challenges that can hinder accuracy and efficiency. AEX SYSTEM's AZAN Service Box offers a comprehensive solution to overcome these obstacles and streamline the AZAN call process.


The Challenges of the Current Method

  1. Inconsistent staff availability and distractions: The reliance on a staff member as the timekeeper can lead to missed prayer calls if they are absent or occupied with other responsibilities.
  2. Potential for timing errors: Depending on a staff member's watch or phone app, the prayer time reminder for timekeeping introduces inaccuracies, compromising the precision of the AZAN call.
  3. Hindrance to office work efficiency: Allocating staff time for AZAN call duties can impede their productivity, diverting attention from their primary tasks.

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AEX SYSTEM's Azan Service Box: Revolutionizing the AZAN Call

  1. Fully automated and cloud-based solution: Our device eliminates the need for human intervention, ensuring seamless AZAN call operations.
  2. Accurate timing with synchronization to atomic clock: By synchronizing with the world atomic clock, the Nebulax Series Azan Box guarantees precise prayer time reminder
  3. Geographically-based accuracy: The system calculates prayer times based on the location, ensuring 100% accuracy for devotees.


Advantages of the Cloud-Based Solution & Automatic Azan Call

  1. Continuous accuracy: Unlike wall clocks that can drift over time, the Nebulax Series Azan Box's cloud-based solution provides real-time updates and maintains accuracy regardless of location or time zone.
  2. Integration with external sources: The Nebulax Series Azan Service Box is linked to online prayer time databases or official Islamic institutions, ensuring up-to-date and accurate prayer time reminders.

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Enhancing the AZAN Call Experience

Tarannum Bayaati Azan Melody and Customization

  • The Nebulax Series Azan Box comes with the traditional Tarannum Bayaati Azan Melody, providing an authentic and familiar experience.
  • However, users also have the flexibility to customize the Azan melody according to their preferences. They can choose from a range of available melodies or even upload their own preferred Azan melody.
  • This customization feature allows for a personalized touch and enables Muslim premises to cater to the specific preferences of their community.

Setting Prayer Time Reminders Before AZAN Calls

  • Our device offers an additional feature that enhances the prayer experience: the ability to set reminders before the AZAN calls.
  • Users can configure the system to play custom MP3 reminders a few minutes before each prayer time, ensuring that devotees have ample time to prepare for their prayers, followed by the Automatic Azan Call.
  • This reminder functionality serves as a helpful tool to keep individuals engaged and prompt them to prioritize their spiritual obligations throughout the day.


The AEX SYSTEM's Nebulax Series Azan Service Box not only provides accuracy and efficiency in AZAN call operations but also offers customization options and reminder features to enhance the overall prayer experience.

With the ability to customize the Azan melody and set reminders before the AZAN calls, this solution caters to the diverse preferences of Muslim communities and ensures a seamless integration of prayer into their daily lives.

The AEX SYSTEM's Nebulax Series Azan Service Box offers a reliable and efficient solution to streamline the AZAN call process in Muslim premises. By eliminating the need for human intervention and leveraging a cloud-based, fully automated system, the Nebulax Series Azan Box ensures accurate timing and enhances the prayer experience for devotees.

This solution sets a new standard for AZAN call systems, providing convenience, accuracy, and peace of mind.



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  • Government Offices
  • Public Buildings (JPJ, Libraries etc)
  • Government Hospitals
  • Urban Transformation Center (UTC)
  • Markets


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