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Business Audio Solution For Shopping Malls

EVERY MALL NEEDS AN IDENTITY Utilize our business audio solution to reinforce the mall’s identity and generate revenue!


A system to create a pleasant environment for shoppers with the capabilities to stream different music to different areas of the mall. A system to interlace the music playlist with information on offers and deals going on within the mall. Promotional messages engage the shoppers and lend to their mall experience.



The VEB System is designed to stream multiple kinds of music via any standard LAN infrastructure. The music streaming format is AEX 320kbps which translates to HiFi quality audio reproduction. Different music can enhance the different areas in the mall. A dedicated playlist for the womens' fashion floor, men's fashion floor, food court, and so forth. The aim of this is to keep the visitors stimulated and comfortable in order to drive foot traffic through the mall.

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