WM 560

6W Surface Mounted Wall Loudspeaker

Product Introduction

Introducing the WM 560, a compact and efficient solution designed to address the unique challenges of sound distribution in spaces without false ceilings, such as staircases and corridors. This 6W Surface Mounted Wall Loudspeaker is engineered for installations that demand simplicity, sleek design, and clear sound reproduction. The WM 560 embodies a minimalist approach, providing a smaller version of traditional loudspeakers without compromising on sound quality.Its simple, sleek design ensures that it not only delivers excellent audio performance but also integrates seamlessly into any environment, enhancing the aesthetic without the clutter of conventional speakers. The WM 560 Surface Mounted Wall Loudspeaker is an embodiment of modern audio engineering, offering a perfect blend of form and function. Ideal for enhancing the audio experience in less conventional spaces, this speaker delivers on the promise of clear, reliable sound while maintaining a low profile, making it an excellent addition to any audio setup.
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