RH 126

60W Aluminum Horn Loudspeaker

Product Introduction

Expanding our RH lineup, the RH 125 (50W Aluminum Horn Speaker) and RH 126 (60W Aluminum Horn Speaker) form the new RH Aluminum Series, designed for high-power applications and demanding outdoor settings. These models share the RH Series’ commitment to durability and performance, with their construction featuring the same high-quality aluminum and zinc die-casting. Like the RH 072, they are designed for use in a wide range of public facilities and exceed the IP66 rating, demonstrating their capability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Both the RH 125 and RH 126 are equipped with environmental test certifications, highlighting their endurance against extreme weather, dust, and water. Their ease of installation, with included mounting brackets, ensures they are not just powerful but also versatile solutions for outdoor sound distribution and speech reproduction.

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