High Quality Coaxial Ceiling Speaker

Product Introduction

The H series speaker range is specially developed to address the growing needs of the Audio-visual (AV) and Background Music (BGM) industry especially in the hotels, conference rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, museums, galleries, restaurants and bars application. Many AV and BGM industry requires different types of speaker system depending on the project requirement. Centralized systems that require a lot of speakers within a zone may require a High Impedance speaker system solution. Instances where a distributed equipment system is preferential for high quality music reproduction would benefit from Low Impedance speaker solutions. Then there are challenging circumstances prohibiting the laying of speaker cables for example over a glass wall or partition; a wireless speaker system that requires zero audio cable is crucial. There are also instances where all of the above speaker system (High Impedance, Low Impedance & Wireless) solutions are required within a single installation. Our H series speaker solutions bring you this flexibility to mix and match any speaker system solution depending on the needs of your installation.
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