FG 64

40W Foreground Loudspeaker

Product Introduction

The FG Series introduces the FG 52 and FG 64 Surface Mount Loudspeakers, blending high-performance audio with sleek, contemporary design. These models stand out with their aluminium mesh construction, offering both visual appeal and durable quality. Designed to minimize depth for wall mounting, they provide flexible installation options and a reduced footprint, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s the more compact FG 52 or the powerful FG 64, each speaker is engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality, making them ideal for environments where space is at a premium but sound cannot be compromised. The FG 52 and FG 64 redefine expectations for surface mount loudspeakers, offering unmatched flexibility and audio performance in a compact, stylish package. Whether for background music, public announcements, or immersive listening experiences, these speakers are designed to exceed the demands of modern audio environments.
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