CX 631E

30W Coaxial Ceiling Speaker

Product Introduction

The CX 631 speaker range is specially developed to address the growing needs of the Audio-visual (AV) and Background Music (BGM) industry, especially in the hotels, malls, conference rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, museums, galleries, restaurants and bars application.Many AV and BGM industry installers require different types of speaker system depending on the project requirement. Our CX 631 speaker solutions bring you this flexibility, to mix and match any of speaker system solution depending on the needs of your installation with the assurance of the highest audio reproduction quality.The CX 631 Series 30W Coaxial Ceiling Loudspeakers are well sought-after in installations that require good musical quality reproduction with a wide dispersion coverage angle. It can produce a wide audio bandwidth due to its individually dedicated transducers for the high & low frequencies. The CX 631 is meant for discreet installations with its slim profile grille & fine metal mesh making the unit blend into its surroundings seamlessly.

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