One Size Fit All PA System

Choosing the right Public Addressing (PA) system for a business premise can be a daunting task and a hassle?

To ease the process of decision-making and to take away the complexity of understanding a PA system, AEX system innovated the Medusa 3 Series Integrated PA System.

Usually, the completion of a PA system setup would require at least a Pre-amplifier, Audio input selectors, an Emergency microphone, Automatic evacuation message unit, Power amplifiers, Amplifier changeover unit, Amplifier monitoring unit, Speaker zone selectors, and Remote paging microphones. That’s a lot of things to build the PA system up.

But, the dull side of purchasing the normal PA system is having to study numbers of equipment and decide which would be suitable for the premises.

The disadvantages of setting up a PA system with number of equipment are:

  1. Occupies more space: Requires costlier racks and takes up business space that could otherwise be used to serve other business functions.2.
  2. Complicated to set up: The setup will be a lot more complicated and only professionals can do it. Money spent on professionals to rack up and get the system running is expensive.
  3. More cables and accessories: Equate to more money spent as well.

disadvantages of setting up a PA system with number of equipment

Meanwhile, the Medusa 3 Series has everything a business premise would need for a complete PA system, to function in a single piece of equipment. Just one piece of equipment that works like all 6 pieces of equipment comes together.


The Medusa 3 was invented on a philosophy of “1 size fits all”.

That’s right, the Medusa 3 series PA system can be used for all types of business, such as Commercial Buildings, Schools, Cafes, Hotels, Offices, Malls, and so on. Providing features such as Background music, fire evacuation, fire drill, and announcement paging to selected areas.

Product Features of Medusa 3

The Medusa 3 Series consist of the Master Unit with a built-in power amplifier making it an extremely easy to deploy standalone PA System.

  1. Power Output: 600W or 1200W. Depending on the size of the premise and the number of speakers the Medusa 3 Master unit comes in either a 600W or 1200W amplifier sizing.
  2. Output Zones: 12 zones it is expandable up to 24 zones
  3. Built-in siren: For emergencies and fire regulation requirements
  4. Handheld microphone: This is in line with what firemen are familiar with.
  5. Built-in equipment: Amplifier, amplifier monitoring, automatic changeover circuit.


The advantages of Medusa 3 Series compared to normal PA System:

  1. One size fits All
  2. 5 minutes to set up
  3. A minimal amount of space occupied
  4. Eco- Friendly
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Avoid costly connection mistakes that damage the products and delay the project

Last but not least, with everything built into a single unit, setting up is just a 5 minutes task. The Medusa 3 Series was designed to be deployed by anyone without the need for any professional training or experience. Medusa 3 series requires less material. Less material for the casing, less copper, and even fewer components. This translates to less carbon footprint and natural resource consumption.

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