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Network Audio Solution For Smart Schools

Communication is key to creating the Smart School of the future!


A local audio system to facilitate teachers giving class lessons and more importantly full communication with students in each and every classroom from a central location. Also to provide a solution to do away with traditional bell systems to signal the end of periods.



The VEB Series Network Audio System for schools allows an extremely cost-effective method of classroom communication. Each local audio amplifier in the classroom simply needs to connect to any LAN network infrastructure. The Vectus School Management Software provides all the features to run the school effectively. Make announcements from the administrative office straight into the classrooms individually or collectively with ease. Create an audio notice board by time scheduling reminders and notices to the students. Tailor suit period bells to ring in the classroom with extreme flexibility in scheduling. Teachers can even make announcements from our App if the need arises. These are just some of the features of the VEB Network Audio System for Schools. Find out more!

Watch this video to find out more.

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