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Business Audio Solution For Hotel

Choosing the right music to create a conducive ambience has become part of the most important DNA of a successful hotel premise.


All hotel operators are concerned about establishing a unique brand image and differentiating themselves from their rivals. More importantly, hotels are concerned about the guest experience. Creating an ambiance that is comfortable for the hotel guest with well-curated high-quality music provides the hotel a 3rd dimension branding experience.



AEX Business Audio Solutions allows streaming multiple high-quality audios simultaneously to various areas of the hotel. Hotel operators can choose the right music playlist to suit the different themes and requirements of the areas, be it the Main Lobby, the All Day Dining areas, or even the Swimming Pool areas. The playlist can be time scheduled to suit the times of days ensuring guests are comfortable and engaged at all times. The solution also incorporates an innovative guest audio noticeboard feature to keep guests informed on the various promotions and activities going on within the hotel. With the App paging incorporated, hotel managers can communicate with staff effectively and get a quicker response, all these resulting in better service for the guest.

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