WM 562

6W Surface Mounted Wall Loudspeaker

Product Introduction

The WM Series introduces two exceptional models, the WM 562 and WM 511 Surface Mounted Wall Loudspeakers, designed to provide versatile and high-quality audio solutions for any space. The WM 562, with a 6W output, and the WM 511, offering a 12W output, are crafted to meet diverse audio needs, from subtle background music to clear, prominent announcements. Characterized by their thinnest depth and seamless mesh design, these speakers blend effortlessly into their surroundings while delivering superior sound performance.Whether it’s for retail environments, offices, or hospitality spaces, the WM series exemplifies sleek design combined with acoustic precision. The WM 562 and WM 511 set new standards for wall-mounted loudspeakers, offering unmatched versatility and sound quality in sleek, contemporary designs. Perfect for any application where space is at a premium but compromise on audio quality is not an option, these speakers ensure that superior sound is always within reach.
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