Network Matrix Expander

Product Introduction

The Network Matrix Expander is a versatile component that facilitates the expansion of outputs within a PA System. These outputs can be effortlessly configured in alignment with the client’s specific requirements, offering the flexibility to control them, toggling between ON and OFF states during announcements and music routing. This control is conveniently executed directly via the LAN using the Network System Manager, Network Paging Console, or the Network Paging Station.Each Network Matrix Expander is designed to deliver up to 12 outputs, and for extensive applications, multiple units can be seamlessly integrated within a project. Each VLS12M-CF can further be expanded up to 96 outputs in a chain by using several VLS12S-CF while occupying just one IP. This scalability makes it an ideal solution for large-scale setups, providing the adaptability needed to meet the diverse demands of expansive audio systems. The Network Matrix Expander, with its user-friendly configuration options and scalability, ensures a streamlined and efficient management of outputs in a PA system tailored to the unique specifications of each client.
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