VEB 604-CF

4 Channel Network Audio Extract

Product Introduction

Introducing the VEB 604-CF, a sophisticated device designed to extract four channels of audio from the network and seamlessly convert them back to analog audio. This versatile unit facilitates the integration of audio into AEX SYSTEM’s diverse range of power amplifier models, providing a comprehensive audio solution. Notably, each of the four channels on the unit is equipped with a unique IP address, offering users the flexibility to receive dedicated audio from their desired sources.What sets the VEB 604-CF apart is its individualized control features. Users can remotely control the gain settings for each channel with precision, thanks to the intuitive Network System Manager accessible via the network. This level of control ensures a tailored and optimised audio experience, adapting to specific sources and preferences. The VEB 604-CF stands as an advanced solution, allowing users to effortlessly manage multiple audio channels while maintaining optimal control and flexibility within their audio systems.
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