VEB 601-CF

Single Channel Network Audio Extract

Product Introduction

Presenting the VEB 601-CF, an innovative device designed to extract a single channel of audio from the network and seamlessly convert it back to analog audio. This transformed audio can be effortlessly fed into AEX SYSTEM’s diverse range of power amplifier models. With each unit possessing a unique IP address, users have the flexibility to receive audio from their desired source, ensuring a tailored and personalized audio experience.The versatility of the VEB 601-CF extends further with remote gain control capabilities. Through the intuitive VEB-12-CF Network System Manager, users can easily and remotely control the gain settings via the network. This feature enhances user convenience, providing a centralized and efficient means of managing audio output levels. Whether adapting to specific audio sources or fine-tuning gain controls, the VEB 601-CF stands as a cutting-edge solution, integrating seamlessly into audio systems for optimal performance and control.
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