VEB 404-CF

4 Channel Network Audio Insert

Product Introduction

The VEB 404-CF 4-Channel Network Audio Insert and its enhanced variant, the VEB 404M-CF 4-Channel Network BGM Insert, are designed for superior audio interface capabilities, accommodating four stereo channels of analog audio. Both models efficiently encode and stream all channels simultaneously via standard Ethernet (LAN), with the VEB 404-CF serving a broad spectrum of projects and the VEB 404M-CF specifically optimised for high-quality background music (BGM) integration, making it ideal for creating immersive ambient environments. They facilitate the streaming of content from diverse sources such as CD players, FM tuners, and digital music platforms to any destination zone within the project. What sets these units apart is their user-friendly adaptability and the use of the VEB 12-IPC-CF, and VEB 14-IPC-CF management systems. These tools allow users to remotely manage and control the routing patterns to meet their specific requirements, ensuring a perfect alignment of audio distribution with the unique needs of each project. Both the VEB 404-CF and the VEB 404M-CF streamline the incorporation of multiple audio channels, empowering users with a comprehensive and customizable solution for managing their audio systems effectively and efficiently, with the VEB 404M-CF placing a particular emphasis on delivering an exceptional background music experience.
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