Single Channel Network BGM Insert

Product Introduction

The VEB 401-CF Single Channel Network Audio Insert and its variant, the VEB 401M-CF Single Channel Network BGM Insert, are designed to seamlessly integrate with your audio system. Both units accept a single channel of analog audio and efficiently stream it out via standard Ethernet (LAN). While the VEB 401-CF serves as a versatile audio insert for a wide range of applications, the VEB 401M-CF is specifically optimised for background music (BGM), making it ideal for environments where ambiance is key. It enables the streaming of content from various sources such as CD players, FM tuners, and digital music platforms to any destination zone within the project.This audio management system provides users with flexibility and control, allowing them to utilize the VEB 12-IPC-CF Network System Manager Unit. Through this networked control hub, users can remotely manage and fine-tune the routing patterns according to their specific requirements. Both the VEB 401-CF and VEB 401M-CF enhance the accessibility and distribution of audio sources but with the VEB 401M-CF offering a focus on delivering high-quality background music. This ensures that users have a comprehensive and user-friendly tool to tailor the audio experience to their preferences, making these units invaluable assets for diverse audio applications.
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