Dual Redundancy Network System Manager Unit

Product Introduction

The Dual Redundancy Network System Manager unit is designed to provide overall system governance of the VEB Network PA System. The unit will provide the user interface for system initialization steps such as; VEB unit nodes search, VEB units address configuration, zone configuration and audio pattern routings. The Network System Manager can also act as a time scheduler with pre-recorded messages as well as a background music source with up to 3 channels of background music streaming. In compliance with emergency evacuation requirements, the unit will store the evacuation messages and provide event logging, announcement logging and fault monitoring of all critical components within the system. The VEB 14-IPC, however, supports a Dual Redundancy configuration, whereby 2units of VEB 14-IPC can be installed in a single system. This fully hot standby redundancy solution is suitable for projects that require the utmost in system integrity and zero downtime.
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