Network System Manager Unit with Hot Standby Function

Product Introduction

The Dual Redundancy Network System Manager unit is designed to provide overall system governance of the VEB Network PA System. The unit will provide the user interface for system initialisation steps such as; VEB unit nodes search, VEB units address configuration, zone configuration and audio pattern routing.The VEB Series Network System manager will provide overall system status via its User Interface and event logging. All the event logs and reports can be retrieved at any time. The Network system manager also allows the setting up of user access and passwords to the Network PA system. The Network System Manager can also act as a time scheduler with pre-recorded messages as well as a background music source with up to 6 channels of background music streaming. All pre-recorded messages and music files will be stored on board an SSD in the VEB 14-IPC Unit. The unit also has a Text to Stream capability allowing pre-corded messages to be stored and edited whenever required. Alternatively messages can also be recorded and stored in MP3 format. Utilising the on-board SSD, the capacity for the number of messages are practically limitless.
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