SGC 04

4-Channel Smart Gain Control

Product Introduction

The SGC 04 4-Channel Smart Gain Control provides an effortless and automated solution to adjusting the PA announcements volume to be audible no matter what the ambient noise level is. The unit was developed to be deployed in Transportation hubs (airports, train stations, bus terminals and etc), factories, shopping malls and restaurants that tend to have unpredictable and varying ambient noise due to the sudden presence of large crowds of people. SGC 04 features 4 independent channels of Smart Gain Control completely user programmable. Each channel shall have a dedicated input for its own SGC AS 01 Ambient Noise sensing microphone. The unit analyses the ambient noise from the environment and adjust the gain of the announcements louder as required. This ensures that the announcements are louder than the ambient noise and improves speech intelligibility. The SGC 04 unit is designed to be placed in between the Preamplifiers and the power amplifier. The SGC 04 unit is supplied with a Software engineering tool User Interface (UI). The tool allows users to configure the unit such as setting the ‘Ambient Threshold Value’ for each individual channel, attack time, hold time and display the real-time ambient noise readings.

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