PLS 520B

20W Projection Loudspeaker

Product Introduction

The PLS Series Projection Loudspeakers, encompassing the PLS 510W/B and PLS 520W/B models, introduce a dynamic audio solution tailored for versatile installation environments. Available in both white (W) and black (B) variants, these projection loudspeakers are designed to cater to different aesthetic preferences while ensuring superior sound dispersion. The PLS 510W/B, with its 10W output, is ideal for clear, focused sound in smaller areas or where nuanced audio is required. The PLS 520W/B, offering a more robust 20W output, is suited for larger spaces needing comprehensive sound coverage.Both models embody flexibility and audio excellence, making them suitable for a variety of applications, from outdoor areas to acoustically challenging indoor spaces. The PLS 510W/B and PLS 520W/B projection loudspeakers stand out for their adaptability and audio performance, offering an effective solution for projecting clear sound across various settings. Whether enhancing the auditory landscape of a public space or providing directed audio for specific applications, these speakers merge functionality with sleek, modern design to meet diverse audio needs.
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