PD 520W

20W Pendant Loudspeaker

Product Introduction

Elevating the standard for pendant audio solutions, the PD 510 and PD 520 series introduce a blend of sophistication and versatility in sound delivery. Available in both white (W) and black (B) finishes, these pendant loudspeakers are designed to cater to aesthetic preferences while providing exceptional sound quality. The PD 510W/B offers a 10W option for areas requiring clear, ambient sound, whereas the PD 520W/B steps up to 20W for environments needing more powerful audio coverage. Ideal for high ceiling spaces, these models combine sleek design with high-performance audio, ensuring seamless integration into any architectural style without compromising on sound quality.The PD 510W/B and PD 520W/B series redefine what’s possible with pendant loudspeakers, offering an elegant solution for enhancing the auditory experience in any setting. From sophisticated lounges to spacious retail environments, these speakers provide the perfect balance of form and function, ensuring that high-quality sound is always in reach.
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