PD 1120

Digital Power Amplifier - Compact Range

Product Introduction

AEX System PD 1000 Series Digital Power Amplifiers are specially designed to be a small form factor compact 100Vline power amplifier with no compromise on its output capacity. The Digital Power Amplifiers provide amplification for all audio signals after a preamplifier, digital matrix or any Network Audio Extract device. It uses a high efficiency and robust Class-D amplifier technology. The power amplifiers provide a wide frequency response, low THD+Noise and a high Signal-to-Noise ratio. The PD 1000 series uses a transformerless, technology that reduces electromagnetic noise and improves power efficiency. This results in an extremely low power consumption and a low carbon footprint product.The compact PD Series design allows the amplifiers to require less rack space in any equipment room and application that has space constrain. The PD 1000 Series Digital Power Amplifier consist of the following 7 models; PD 1060 (600W Digital Power Amplifier), PD 1160 (1600W Digital Power Amplifier), PD 1415 (4 x 150W Digital Power Amplifier), PD 1230 (2 x 300W Digital Power Amplifier), PD 1430 (4 x 300W Digital Power Amplifier), PD 1260 (2 x 600W Digital Power Amplifier) and PD 1120 (1200W Digital Power Amplifier)
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