MA 2415

Mixer Amplifier

Product Introduction

The MA 2000 Series is the range of Mixer Amplifiers that is able to handle 4 microphone inputs and auxiliary inputs, making the MA 2000 Series suitable for small and medium scale public address applications, such as mosque, office, restaurants or pubs, fitness clubs, auditoriums, warehouses, factories and retail stores. The MA 2000 series comes with individual input gain controls with a master volume control. Bass and Treble controls are provided for the user’s equalisation preference. The MA 2000 series is integrated with voice muting function for Mic 1, thus giving it the highest priority to override other sources during emergency situation. Able to operate off mains or an external battery, the MA 2000 Series is a viable solution for any mobile application from a family day sports event to a large-scale garden party.
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