M+ 201P

Integrated PA System

Product Introduction

The Mplus Series was developed with a clear objective; a Public Address System that was reliable and easy to use. A single box solution suitable for virtually any small-to-large scale Public Address system application. There are three key points why everything builds into a single unit that saves time and money. Complexity (1): Having multiple products requires multiple connections, which result in a complex setup and multiple points of failure due to human errors. Increased Cost (2): Buying multiple products is more expensive than purchasing a single all-in-one solution. Compatibility Issues (3): The products chosen for the system may not work seamlessly together, leading to compatibility issues that result in a system that does not work. In the Mplus everything is integrated into a single unit, eliminating all the above problems, resulting in a more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly solution. The Mplus is also extremely light and compact. Technology has allowed AEX System to keep the Mplus extremely compact through advancements in miniaturization, integration of multiple components, and development of software with greater functionality replacing a lot of bulky hardware. This has lead to a smaller product with more capabilities.
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