DM 202

Digital Media Player

Product Introduction

The DM 200 Series Digital Media Player is a multi-format audio source and media player. The unit is designed the fulfill any Public Address (PA) system and Background Music (BGM) requirements for multiple audio sources.The main advantage of the DM 200 Series Digital Media Player is it incorporates multiple player modules into a single casing. This allows it to be cost effective for project implementation and at the same time reduces its environmental impact by utilizing less raw material. Having multiple audio source units build into a single casing will obviously use less raw material compared to the traditional way of having multiple equipment accomplish this.The DM 200 Series is capable to playing MP3 files from an SD Card or USB storage. The unit also comes with a built-in Bluetooth audio receiver module allowing users to stream wireless music into the system via any mobile device. With an in-built FM receiver module, the DM 200 Series can provide the FM tuner function to the project.The DM 200 Series consist of 2 models, the DM 201 Digital Media Player and the DM 202 2-Channel Digital Media Player. For the DM 202 2-Channel Digital Media Player, both channels are independent of each other providing 2 different simultaneous audio streams.

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