TCP/IP Network Public Address System Solutions

VEB Series Network PA System

The VEB Series is designed to distribute Evacuation announcements, Background Music (BGM) and daily announcements throughout an installation via standard LAN infrastructure. Utilizing the LAN infrastructure guarantees speaker cabling cost savings and allows the VEB Series to integrate with any other IP based ELV Solutions.

VEB 42 Emergency Paging Panel

VEB 21 Network Paging Station

VEB 13-IPC Network Audio Streaming Manager Unit

VEB 12-IPC Network System Manager

VEB 43-10 Network Paging Console

VEB 404-S 4-Channel Network Audio Insert

VEB 601-S Single Channel Network Audio Extract

VEB 604-S 4-Channel Network Audio Extract

VEB 6010PM-L 100W Network Powered Mixer

VEB 6010PD-L 100W Network Audio Amplifier

VLS 12 Network Matrix Expander

VAC Network Automatic Amplifier Changeover

VEB 31 Control Input Interface

VEB 32 Control Output Interface

VPD Series Network Power Amplifier