TCP/IP Network Business Audio Solutions

VES Network Audio System

VES series Network Audio system is a pure TCP/IP based solution developed especially for schools, universities, factories and any enterprise application. The system is designed with features to facilitate daily operations of any business entity as well as for the education sector.

VES 21-IPC Network System Manager

VES 401 Network Audio Insert

VES 401-M Network Audio Insert-EVAC

VES 43-10 Touch Screen Network Paging Console

VES 44 & VES 44EM Network Paging Console

VES 601 Network Audio Extract

VES 604 4-Channel Network Audio Extract

VES 6003PD-L 30W Network Audio Amplifier

VES 6003PM-L 30W Network Power Mixer

VES 606LS Network Audio Extract Expander

VES 612LS Network Audio Extract Expander

PM 1003-L 30W Audio Amplifier

VES 22-App VES App