RH 072

20W Aluminum Horn Loudspeaker

Product Introduction

Expanding our acclaimed RH Series with the introduction of the RH 072 model, we continue to set the benchmark for outdoor loudspeakers. The RH 072 is engineered with a robust aluminum and zinc die-casting structure, making it exceptionally durable for outdoor announcements in public facilities such as airports, harbors, centers, buildings, factories, schools, civic centers, and recreational facilities. It exceeds the European Standards for durability, boasting an IP rating of IP66, indicating superior protection against the elements. This model comes with environmental test certification, affirming its high and low temperature endurance, dustproof, and waterproof capabilities, ensuring its performance in the most demanding conditions. Installation is made effortless with the inclusion of brackets, allowing for secure mounting on ceilings, walls, buildings, and various structures. The RH 072 model is not just a testament to sound engineering but also to our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions for speech reproduction and sound distribution in challenging outdoor environments.
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