VBS Series
Network Business Audio Solution
Network System Manager
The Network System Manager unit is designed to provide overall system governance of the VBS Network Business Audio Solution system. The unit will provide the user interface for system initialization steps, zone configuration and audio pattern routings. The Network System Manager can also act as a time scheduler for pre-recorded messages as well as a background music source with up to 3 channels of background music.Designed as Business Audio Solution, the VBS 12-IPC streams out high quality 320kbps audio format which is on par with uncompressed audio. The VBS 12-IPC is also capable of time scheduling advertisements and promotional information interlaced into the music playlist. The VBS solution has been successfully installed into hotels and shopping mall to good effect, providing a pleasant atmosphere with high quality music as well as Returns on Investment (ROI) through its Add Advert features.

Hi-Fi Quality Network Audio System

Wireless Access and Control via mobile devices

Efficient Media and Playlist Management