H Series
Professional Speakers
HB 550-AS
5” Fullrange AirStream Speaker

Breakaway from tradition – go wireless! Don’t over complicate your sound installation with messy costly cabling. With AEX AirStream technology, we ensure high quality audio distributed throughout without the need for any cabling.


Suitable for fixed installations, the HB 550-AS provides premium sound quality for F&B and retail outlets. Couple it with our SB 515-AS AirStream Sub-woofer and get the best out of the system. You’ll be amazed by the sound it can produce!


Power Rating (RMS) : Built-in 50W AirStream Amplifier
Active DSP processing
Parallel Processing FIR algorithm
5” Fullrange driver

Hi-Fi Quality Network Audio System

Wireless Access and Control via mobile devices

Efficient Media and Playlist Management