AEX System offers a comprehensive range of services for prospective customers as well as consultants. Among the services that we provide are public address system design assistance and loudspeaker selection & distribution. This service would include the design of the system in terms of functionality as well as speaker plotting ensuring proper and ideal sound distribution. These systems would be designed based on AEX System's Design Philosophy which would be provided and explained.

AEX System also offers acoustical simulation of loudspeaker placement utilizing the latest software. From the simulation, customers will be provided with data such as Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and Speech Transmission Index (STI) of their structure.

Apart from that, our Project Assistance Team is always ready to look at project specific equipment customization focusing mainly on loudspeaker customization. Where required, AEX System would also lend expertise in long distance fiber optic audio transmission, having the technical 'know-how' as well as hardware required within its product range.

Providing these value added services has given AEX System a competitive edge, gained by working closer and understanding the customers.

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