XM Series PDF


No two public address systems are the same and every customer has specific public address system requirements. It is based on these two notions that the XM Series Modular Mixer system was designed. Its main assets is flexibility. With flexibility anf high-end technology blended seamlessly together the XM Series Modular Mixer is an exellent solution to most public address system applications.

The XM Series Modular Mixer comprises of application specific modules that form the building blocks of the system. These modules are easily installed and configured with no hassels of complicated wiring procedures attributed to the unique design of the backplane PCB on the main enclosure. Coupled with numerous programmable functions on board the modules, system configurations are endless. By carefully selecting and arranging these modules, the system can be easily configured to suit any system requirements; be it a small scale application such as a school to a large scale high rise building.


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