WM 561 PDF


The WM 561 Surface Mounted Wall Loudspeaker are designed to provide a public address system solution for a wide range of applications. The unit is ideally installed in areas without a false ceiling such as in stairwells and rooms with concrete ceiling.

Utilising a 120 mm dual cone full range loudspeaker driver as the core of the unit, the WM 561 provides excellent speech and music reproduction even under high ambient noise conditions. The loudspeaker driver is enclosed in a robust ABS enclosure in pure white (WM 561W) or black (WM 561B). While being durable, the enclosure has also been designed to enhance the sound distribution of the loudspeaker component.

Each loudspeaker unit is installed with a multiple tapping line-matching transformer, suitable for 70V or 100V line distributed speaker system. The loudspeaker is mounted to the wall using two screws, either at the back or on the front without any compromise to its aesthetics.


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