Until recently, designing and building audio distribution systems with any degree of flexibility and intelligence has been a difficult and expensive undertaking, requiring large expenditures on wiring, conduit, switching equipment and installation labour. In addition, conventional public address systems using traditional analog technology have the added disadvantage of often being difficult and prohibitively expensive to reconfigure once installed.

Incorporating VECTUSnet technology by AEX SYSTEM which is built on top of TCP/IP, VECTUS VN Series enables audio to be dynamically routed under software control to any network point, providing unparalleled routing flexibility, all over standard Ethernet. Being TCP/IP compliant opens up a whole new world of functions, features and high level integration possibilities, previously unattainable by conventional systems. The VECTUS VN Series allows for the integration of all building services that are TCP/IP compliant such as Fire Alarm, Video Surveillance, Intrusion and Building Management Systems to provide instantaneous voice assisted response to each system. All these are accomplished within a single network system.


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