A TCP/IP based system provides the ease of integration via a common platform that conforms to standard computer Ethernet protocol. Compared to proprietary protocols, systems that run on proprietary protocols are bounded to them and will only work with other subsystems that run on the same proprietary protocol. Being an entirely TCP/IP compliant system, rather than just a system that connects to a PC to allow control, enables true multi-system integration and expandability without the need of protocol translators or interfaces and a separate cabling network for the audio routing, an economically viable solution. One important point for consideration between a proprietary protocol based system and a TCP/IP based system is the dependency on a crucial ', main controller ', of the proprietary protocol system. The 'main controller' is required to synchronise and provide the ', heartbeat', to the entire system. Failure to the ',main controller ', will bring the entire system to a halt. Unlike a TCP/IP based system, failure to any of the nodes will only affect that particular function.


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