The VECTUS VEB Series Network Matrix PA System is the latest TCP/IP based PA System offering from AEX SYSTEM. The system runs on AEX SYSTEM’s tried and tested TCP/IP network communication protocol that provides a platform for audio and control data routing over standard Ethernet (LAN) infrastructure. The system is fully scalable and capable of supporting up to 32 simultaneous audio channels, making it suitable for a simple application up to the most complex of public address systems.

Supporting a distributed architecture also makes the VEB Series an indispensible solution for mixed development projects that consist of multiple blocks and multiple sub PA Systems that require site-wide integration. With a failsafe mode, the VEB also ensures emergency evacuation functionality even with major failure to the Ethernet (LAN) infrastructure.

The VEB Series also features advance touch screen Network paging consoles with extremely user friendly graphic user interface. These network paging consoles can even be connected and used via WIFI infrastructure allowing the consoles to be portable for added practicality.


VECTUSnet technology is a high-level proprietary integrated network communication protocol which is built on top of TCP/IP. The oncology of VECTUSnet is to optimise the interactive operation of multiple subsystems on network environment. It has been specifically created by AEX SYSTEM to provide the most manageable integration of Digital Audio, Video & Data Information.



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