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The AEX SYSTEM V Series professional dual channel stereo amplifiers are capable of delivering massive power output and extreme accuracy in sound reproduction. Developed under the most advanced audio technology, the V SERIES is truly a breed for today's uncompromising demand for professional audio amplifiers.

Featuring a low loss toroidal transformer working seamlessly with the most advanced Bi-polar technology, the V Series provides an extremely wide dynamic range and linear frequency response. The V Series is capable of driving loads as low as 2-ohms without any drop in performance or compromise to its components.

The V Series also has numerous inbuilt safety features to ensure the components’ lifespan, such as thermal and overload shutdowns, as well as a unique forced air-cooling system which ascertains that the unit is always functioning at its optimum temperature even during extremely high power operations.

The V Series consist of the V 8 model providing 400 watt per channel and the V 16 model providing 800 watt per channel, both rated at 4 ohm load. If required, the V Series individual stereo channels can either be bridged to provide a single mono output with double the power or paralleled to provide two common individual mono channels.

The V Series Professional Amplifiers is housed in a 2U enclosure, rack mountable into an EIA standard 19” equipment rack.


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