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It is now expected to find, in any PA System, a host of monitoring and supervisory equipment to ensure optimal performance. Most important of all are the loudspeaker lines. As majority of this portion is located far away from the central control room and due to aesthetic reasons, hidden from view, it is therefore important. Therefore, it is important to have a supervisory equipment that can provide constant monitoring, proactive isolation of faults and to detect various faults in any loudspeaker line configurations.

The SL Series Supervisory Unit is designed to provide the solution. Unlike other equipment found in the industry, the SL Series is built on an entire different technology platform. Utilising impedance comparison technique, the SL Series Line Supervisory Unit do away with the need of DC blocking capacitor to each loudspeaker and end-line resistor, required by the DC monitoring method. Installation is as easy as terminating the loudspeaker line to the unit and setting the individual appropriate impedance reference.

The same technology also allows monitoring of loudspeaker lines with branched network as well as through audio attenuator with overriding feature, which is not possible with DC monitoring method. The SL Series Line Supervisory Unit provide visual indicators for short, open and ground leaks which cannot be performed by conventional
line monitors. Once a fault is detected, the unit automatically isolates the zones to prevent further possible damage to other equipment.


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