Integrated PA System
Built in 1200W (MED 312M) or 600W (MED 306M, MED 306S) power amplifier.
Supports up to 8 MRM 06 remote microphone.
Internal amplifier monitoring and standby amplifier changeover.
Internal amplifier overload protection.

Integrated Signal Manager
12 zones speaker line selector (can be extended to 60 zones with LS 12A)
BGM broadcast with 4 paging priority levels (Remote Mic, LINE1, Fire Alarm, Firemen's Mode, Handheld Mic.).
Supports up to 8 MRM 06 remote microphone
nterface with MEI 60 for 12 zones (N-1, N, N+1) remote zone trigger (can be extended to 60 zones with LS 12A)

Mixer Amplifier
4 microphone inputs with user selectable phantom power.
Individual gain control on all 4 microphone inputs.
Short circuit and over current protection with resettable fuse cut-off. In the event of a short circuit, just rectify the line and reset the amplifier and normal operation will resume.
Voice activated muting function enables MIC 1 to override all the inputs.
Bass and Treble Master tone control for equalization and audio tuning.

Dual mode power supple of either AC mains or DC battery supply.

  Public Address & Emergency Voice Alarm Control System
A Complete All-In-A Box Solution for your PA Needs.
Compliance to international Fire Regulations.
Network Ready with VECTUS.
Ease of Installation & Cabling.

Modular Mixer System
Each enclosure can accomodate up to modules. More than 1 enclosure can be linked together, should more than 10 modules be required for the system.
No inter-module wiring required.
8 user programmable functions for priority settings and external device interface.
Runs off main of 240 Vac, 50 Hz via the built-in XM 92A power supply module, with provisions for 24 Vdc battery back up.

  eMatrix System
Supports a maximum of 20 audio inputs and 60 audio outputs (expandable to 188 speaker zones).
System configuring and automatic monitoring via Proprietary Graphic User Interface with remote monitoring over WAN or LAN network capabilities.
Capable for interface with external systems ie; Building Management Systems or Fire Alarm Systems.
Automatic event scheduling providing a fully-automated PA System requiring minimal human intervention.

Programmable Preamplifier
High quality and cost effective mixing amplifier.
Multiple number of inputs; 3 groups consisting of 8 inputs total (6 inputs selectable between -2 dBV or -62 dBV and 2 auxiliary inputs).
3 line level outputs and 1 Rec. output provided to connect to power amplifier or external recorder.
Bass and treble control.


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