The SA 05 Automatic Changeover Unit, provides constant monitoring of public address system amplifiers and automatic changeover of faulty amplifiers to a standby amplifier in the event of a fault. The unit is designed to work seamlessly with the amplifier supervisory module attached to the amplifier, which provides a signal to the SA 05 when a fault is detected.

A single SA 05 unit is capable of monitoring up to five duty amplifiers and one standby amplifier. Multiple units can be cascaded to serve more than five duty amplifiers by a single standby amplifier.

The SA 05 also provides audio and visual indication upon detection of a fault, thus the operator can service or replace the faulty amplifier. In view that the integrity of the public address system should not be compromised at any time, the SA 05 is essential in every public address setup to supervise the duty amplifiers of the system.


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