PT Series PDF


The PT 085 and PT 165 are programmable timers having 8 individual output channels (PT 085) and 16 individual output channel (PT 165) respectively, with each of the output channels providing dry contact closure to integrate seamlessly with a spot announcer or digital source player to provide automatically timed announcements and program playback. The unit can be used to provide automatically timed triggering of other external devices as well.

Each individual output channel feature 50 programmable steps. The channels can be programmed on a weekly basis by linking the channels and day assignments.

The PT Series feature a 4-digit PIN which can be defined by the user thus ensuring that the units settings are not tampered by any unauthorized personnel.

With a 100-hour internal battery back-up, in the event of a power failure, the units stored programs and settings are maintained. The unit has a vacation feature when activated will disable the output channels.


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