Mixer Amplifier
4 microphone inputs with user selectable phantom power.
Individual gain control on all 4 microphone inputs.
Short circuit and over current protection with resettable fuse cut-off. In the event of a short circuit, just rectify the line and reset the amplifier and normal operation will resume.
Voice activated muting function enables MIC 1 to override all the inputs.
Bass and Treble Master tone control for equalization and audio tuning.

Dual mode power supple of either AC mains or DC battery supply.


Audio Power Amplifier
There are 8 models in the PB 1000 Series Audio Power Amplifier; PB 1406 (4 x 60W), PB 1412 (4 x 120W), PB 1024 (1 x 240W), PB 1224 (2 x 240W), PB 1048 (1 x 480W), PB 1060 (1 x 600W), PB 1260 (2 x 600W), PB 1120 (1 x 1200W).
Low THD+N (less than 1%).
Wide frequency response from 40Hz to 18 kHz .
Convection cooled.


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