PC 406 PDF


In many public address installations especially in a public address matrix system set-up, the need to handle multiple paging zones are unavoidable. The PC 406 4 x 60 W Audio Power Amplifier provides the best solution to handle such an application.

The PC 406 amplifier comprises 4 modular channels with each channel handling up to 60 W rms output power. It utilises high efficiency Toroidal Transformer Technology in its design; which reduces electromagnetic noise significantly.

A built-in amplifier supervisory module in every channel provides interface to the SA 05 Automatic Changeover Unit for switching over the input and output of the faulty channel to a standby amplifier when a fault is detected.

A self diagnostic circuit is incorporated in each channel of the PC 406, to monitor its operations. To protect and ensure uninterrupted operation of the unit, every individual channel will automatically isolate itself from its load and a protection LED indicator will activate once a fault is detected.


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