For a flexible and adaptable remote paging microphone, the MR 102 Remote Microphone is the answer. Built upon solid state technology, this microphone console provides undistorted voice transmission and desktop zone selections.

The MR 102 comes standard with 20-zone selections. Additional zones can be extended via the MX 102 in multiples of 20 zones up to a 120 zones maximum. This gives flexibility to suit individual installation need. The MR 102 also comes with ALL CALL and RESET buttons to facilitate easy one touch selection and deselection of all zones. When the TALK button is pressed, the selected zones at the main console and extension units will activate the line selector correspondingly while emitting a chime prior to announcement.

The built-in automatic 4-tone chime comes complete with dual-colour LED for visual indication of when the chime is over or if another microphone unit is in use. Using condenser gooseneck microphone and compressor circuit, the microphone transmits clear and crisp voice message without distortion. The functional design of this Remote Microphone allows it to work with any kind of mixers or pre-amplifiers.


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