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Emergency and Handheld Microphone (MH 1a , MH 2a & ME 1) - The single most important criteria for an emergency paging microphone is its ability to pick up and transmit voice signal clearly while minimising unwanted noise. The ME 1 Emergency Micophone is designed with the frequency response aimed at capturing voice effectively. It is connected to the mixer via a 5-pin microphone plug for signal and priority activation with a single push button. Its coiled cable provides ample length without taking up space and fits in neatly within the equipment rack.

For stage and studio usage, the MH 1a and MH 2a Handheld Microphones are the best choice for sound quality and performance. Its robust casing of diecasted zinc alloy coupled with an integrated shock-mount system is able to withstand rough usage as well as reducing handling noise. The unidirectional cardiod pick-up pattern ensures optimal signal pick-up from the vocalist while dampening unwanted background noise. The two models offer different frequency response to cater for individual needs. activation is by means of a pop-free slide switch for uninterrupted operation.



ME 1

Unidirectional dynamic microphone with built-in push-to-talk
Hand-held type.
600 ohm output impedance.
Frequency response tailored for speech reproduction.

Comes with coiled cable, 5-pin microphone plug and mounting

MH 1a & MH 2a

Unidirectional dynamic microphone with built-in slide switch that
  prevents switch-on pop.
600 ohm output impedance.
Cardioid / Super Cardioid characteristics helps reduce background
  noise pick up and feedback.
Comes with 5 m microphone cable.

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